UK Tour + Glastonbury Tour Visuals

Five star reviews:

Jeff Lynne took ELO back on the road this year for their first Arena tour in almost 30 years. ELOs space-age harmonics have influenced the Flaming Lips, Super Furry Animals and Daft Punk. Daft Punk not only sampled ELO, they named their 2001 Discovery album in partial tribute to ELOs 1979 Discovery album, bringing the vocoder sound back into popular music. Hypervague were commissioned by legendary UK lighting designer Tim Routledge to provide content for the entire show. The overall look was very much inspired by airbrush artists like Chris Foss and Shusei Nagaoka, who created the original album images. Thanks also go to compositor Andrey Polezhayev for nailing the look:) It was a great introduction to Lynne’s work for me, some truly unique pop and some extremely beautiful orchestrations. Shame about the weather at Glasto, could have done with an arrival from Mr Blue Sky. But that is England for you!

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