‘The Neon Demon’

Title sequences: Direction and Post Production

Nicholas Winding Refn’s FashionGorefest

The has been a fantastic project and I’m proud tohave been involved. Having worked together on previous projects, All City invited me on board on this project as they have an ongoing relationship with NWR. We went to see the film in Copenhagen and had an initial meeting with the director. We were blown away. The film is compelling: shocking, utterly unique, visually stunning. The Telegraph pretty much summed it up in their 5 star review: “To reveal anything …would only spoil the significant pleasures of swooning and retching your way through them yourself, though its worth highlighting that a prolonged sequence of lesbian necrophilia ticks off that elusive final box on this years on-screen depravity Cannes bingo card.” The models were built in CG, as was a great deal of the glitter. The final renders were 4K and music was provided by the legendary LA minimalist Cliff Martinez.






Studio: All City
Directed by: Ben Ib
CG animation, modelling, rendering and compositing: Ben Ib
Soundtrack by: Cliff Martinez
Creative Director (All City) : Pete Hanson
Executive Producer (All City): David Frost
Producer (All City): Jennifer Chiarotti
Post Producer (Act 3): Lina Wichmann